Contact Dave Wilcox
Nothing too much to say about myself really. I can’t say that I am modest, otherwise I wouldn't  be showing off my photographs and audio visual sequences on this site.

I was born and brought up in the east end of London, My teenage years “The 60s” were spent in North Woolwich and East Ham. I went to Thomas Lethaby secondary modern school and left at 15 without any qualifications. I did a few Mickey Mouse jobs and at 18 started work in an edible oil refinery in Silvertown. Over the course of 18 years I was promoted to shift supervisor and then made redundant.
I started my own business, refurbishing offices until in 1994 I suffered a back injury which left me disabled and unable to walk too far or stand for too long.
It was then that I re-kindled my interest in photography and became a member of Upminster Camera Club, which in turn introduced me to audio visual presentations. I am also now a member of Essex Audio Visual Group.

I love using my camera to make pictures….so please view my galleries and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.
Please do not use any of my images without my consent…..ask and the answer is normally yes.

Dave Wilcox  DPAGB-AV